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Review & Rating Process
We take the Review & Rating Process very seriously here at FrightTour! Again the reviews and ratings posted to our site are non-biased and truthful... at no time do we allow political influences alter our process.

During our official visit to any of the haunted attractions listed on any of our annual tours we hope to experience everything offered. As we begin our reviewing process we assess the following factors:

- Scare Factor -
The scarier it is, obviously the better it is! We want to be scared, creeped out, startled, terrified, horrified... ok you get the point! If we scream, we're happy! Scare Factor is the level of how scared we were while experiencing the given attraction. It's simple, we measure it from 1 to 10. No calculations or extreme formulas here!

- Theme/Story Line -
Everyone has a story, and so should haunted houses... There are some that just stand on their own without one. And that can work... But we like a good theme to follow through or a detailed story line that plays out from beginning to end. That means, don't put a clown in a haunted house themed after pirates... I guess if he is a pirate clown, that would do!

- Actor Dedication -
We know that standing or crouching in the same position while executing the same scare can get old. But come on, people have paid good money to experience the haunt! So to us, Actor Dedication is very important! Do the actors break character, talk to each other or get caught using their cell phone as we walk through? Believe me it has all happened! And honestly it ruins the entire experience!

- Length/Layout/Design -
Haunts come in all different shapes, sizes and forms... Therefore, we look at how long the haunt was, the type of layout and the overall design (as much as we can see). Sometimes an attraction can be dragged out or end to quickly. Or sometimes we are finding ourselves exiting rather than continuing on... A poorly constructed haunt can ruin your experience!

- Creativity -
The most important metric of our reviewing process! Not that we have listed them in any specific order... But we like to see creativity! Haunt owners, creators and the actors who lurk inside have some interesting minds... Therefore, we want to see what they have conjured up! Sometimes the business can get very repetitive... A chainsaw here, a chainsaw there! Treat it like art... HAUNT ART!

- Audience Participation -
Another strong category... but hardly executed. You have no idea what an impact including us in the show is. Sight is one part of the game, let us touch, feel and live the nightmare! Being a part of the show is like a diamond in the rough for us, it tickles our fancy!



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