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Review Update: Scary Rotten Farms   
Author FrightTour Monday 23 October 2017 - 03:35:14      

Given our Annual FrightTour is comprised of locations we have never experienced who are then up against our award winning haunts from the previous year... we sometimes get a request to update a review for an attraction we have already experienced. Considering Scary Rotten Farms is very local to our main headquarters we agreed to make a visit to the two haunt attraction and update the review we had posted from our official visit in 2013. Unfortunately since Scary Rotten Farms didn't take any awards home that year, they have been off our radar for the last four years. Considering that time frame, we were excited to see what has changed at this local attraction.


Review: Hundred Acres Manor   
Author FrightTour Wednesday 18 October 2017 - 22:17:37      

We're back at our 2016 Haunted House of the Year, Hundred Acres Manor! This monstrous six haunt attraction is located in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania and features The Host, Torture Tank, Dead Lift, The Breach, Voodoo and Hallows Eve. Hundred Acres is a non-profit haunt, meaning all proceeds from ticket sales go to local charities of Pittsburgh! The night was full of screams and scares! We loved every minute of it! Be sure to watch our official review of this award winning haunt. Definitely the best attraction in Pittsburgh! Hundred Acres Manor is open through November! Be sure to get yourself a VIP pass as the line to enter the manor can get quite long!


Escape City Buffalo: Our First Escape Room Experience   
Author FrightTour Tuesday 17 October 2017 - 23:44:31      

During our fifth yearly visit to our Four Time Haunted Attraction of the Year, FrightWorld, we could not resist the urge to experience our first Escape Room. So what better place to do so other than, Escape City Buffalo, FrightWorld's very own Escape Room hub. However, unlike FrightWorld, Escape City is open year round! Normally both Joe and I usually pass up on these types of experiences among others like zombie paintball and etc. But this time around, we figured, "Why not and give it a go?" And of course given my reviewing nature, I could not resist the need to post a review of my experience! So read on!


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