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Frighty Awards: Haunted Attraction of the Year (Overall)   
Author FrightTour Saturday 04 November 2017 - 23:59:18      

Our most prestigious and coveted award has only been given to two locations since the year 2010. Therefore, you can obviously gauge our standards for what we believe to be OUR Haunted Attraction of the Year! This year we add our third recipient to the list of the scariest attractions in the Northeast and of course this years recipient is more than deserving as it scared the pants off both of us! We are proud to announce that our 2017 Haunted Attraction of the Year award goes to Markoff's Haunted Forest of Dickerson, Maryland! From jaw-dropping sets and displays where you get lost in a haunted whimsical dream to the terrifying experiences we had walking through all three of the attractions found at Markoff's... It is without a doubt the Scariest Haunted Attraction of 2017!

Frighty Awards: Haunted House of the Year   
Author FrightTour Saturday 04 November 2017 - 23:58:57      

Navigating our way through over one-hundred different haunted houses of all shapes, sizes and qualities. We have experienced it all from a traditional approach to a more intense immersive experience disorientating the mind and altering what you believe is make believe into pure reality. Our 2017 Haunted House of the Year is no rookie at disorienting the mind and creating real life fear. Nightstalkers of our four-time award winning FrightWorld is the only haunted house to date to cause real anxiety and real fear. Our experience within the dark, drab and dreary walls of this immersive and intimate haunted house caused a nervous cold sweat, caused our breath to run short and caused the hairs on the back our necks to raise. Nightstalkers is our 2017 Haunted House of the Year!

Review: Schaefer's Frightfest   
Author FrightTour Wednesday 01 November 2017 - 13:19:54      

It's that time of the year... that time when our Annual FrightTour comes to a close! We find ourselves ending the year at Schaefer's Frightfest of Flemington, New Jersey. This four attraction scream farm boasts a haunted hayride, dark wooded trail, corn maze and haunted barnyard. Aside from the four different attractions, Schaefer's is a fully operating farm with crops and live stock which by the way are on hand! In addition to the live animals there are games, laser tag and food stands! Schaefer's Frightfest has been operating for 25 years so we were ready to take it on... here is what we thought!


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