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Welcome to FrightTour! FrightTour was created for those who are searching for the scariest haunted attractions during the Fall months. Based out of New Jersey, our Regional Database spans a swath of haunted land from the Virginia's to Maine! Containing over 220 different venues, we're sure you will find something to SCREAM for! Or if you're like us and want to travel a bit for that perfect scare, you can! Our haunt listings offer important information including directions, ticket prices and social profiles! Our 2015 FrightTour has come and gone! But don't worry you can relive our experience scream for scream by clicking any of the logos below! We hope you enjoyed our annual tour this year as much as we did!

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Review: The Uninvited: Awakening   
Author FrightTour Saturday 22 October 2016 - 17:40:00      

We have watched your traditional haunted house manifest into a more interactive and immersive experience offering more of a personal "extreme" rendition. The greater majority of haunted attractions are only scraping the surface of this new trend. While a few, are breaking down the walls between what is make believe and what is "real". The Uninvited: Awakening is an immersive, interactive and full-body experience taking place in the sub levels of the Graham Court building. Once served as the stables for the New York elite, the building is now home to New York City's biggest immersive experience covering 25,000 square feet! Not gathering much from the website and the minimal vague reviews available on line. Joe and I venture into the darkness blind not knowing what was in store for us that night! Read our multi-experience review of what happened once in the bowels of purgatory!


Review: FrightWorld   
Author FrightTour Friday 21 October 2016 - 01:45:00      

For the last three years Joe and I have been traveling far and wide to find the Scariest Haunted Attraction and for the last three years such a place does exist. In Tonawanda, New York, FrightWorld America's Scream Park is without a doubt the scariest, terrifying and most haunting attraction we have ever experienced. As of right now the five attraction haunt has won the coveted Frighty Award for "Haunted Attraction of the Year" the last three years in a row tying with Field of Terror of East Windsor, New Jersey. This being our fourth consecutive visit to our number one attraction I found myself doubting whether or not they had it in them again to pull it off and break the streak of three wins. However, after just one attraction, my doubt vanished, my clothes were damp and my throat was sore! It was time to experience our scariest haunted attraction once again!


Haunts of the Future: Too Extreme?   
Author FrightTour Friday 21 October 2016 - 01:43:10      

By now we have all heard of the infamous and insane McKamey Manor of San Diego and Blackout Haunted Houses of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Within the walls of these extreme haunted houses, your traditional experience is morphed into a more personal and torturing one. There is no doubt a huge following for this new breed of haunted experiences has formed, but when does it become too extreme?! Numerous haunted attractions including our very own ScareHouse of Pittsburgh has opened a more extreme full contact attraction, separate from the main house called The Basement. These new attractions are beginning to pop up everywhere, in fact on our tour this year we will be experiencing the Uninvited: The Awakening of New York, New York. A "choose your own" terror experience with a simulated kidnapping option available to those who are brave enough. However, just announced today, one haunt is bringing the terror to your doorstep and into your home...


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