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Welcome to FrightTour! FrightTour was created for those who are searching for the scariest haunted attractions during the Fall months. Based out of New Jersey, our Regional Database spans a swath of haunted land from the Virginia's to Maine! Containing over 220 different venues, we're sure you will find something to SCREAM for! Or if you're like us and want to travel a bit for that perfect scare, you can! Our haunt listings offer important information including directions, ticket prices and social profiles!

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The Infamous Thirteen Floor Haunted House, But Where Is It?   
Author FrightTour Tuesday 19 September 2017 - 00:32:27      

Over the last ten years as we dived head first into the haunt industry, we have heard over and over again about a haunted house consisting of 13 different stories. This haunted house was supposedly comprised of twisting, confusing and weaving hallways where those brave enough to experience it could get lost. It was supposedly the most terrifying experience in the country causing the owners to have patrons sign a waiver while not allowing anyone under the age of eighteen to enter. If for some reason you were to scared to continue or got lost and never made it to the top, you weren't rewarded like those who did... Supposedly waiting at the top of this massive thirteen haunted house was your refund entry fee. So is this haunted house a reality or is it a pipe dream?


Waivers: The Real Purpose   
Author FrightTour Sunday 17 September 2017 - 22:18:50      

Whether you consider yourself a haunted house enthusiast or not we have all been forced to sign a waiver at a local attraction at some point. This signed waiver is a requirement before you are granted entry into the attraction itself. Currently in our tenth year of visiting haunted attractions of all shapes, sizes and forms... we have signed our share of waivers. Time and time again we read headlines like, "You Must Sign a Waiver To Enter This Haunted House!". And of course the general public drools over the promotion of fear by having to sign a waiver when in reality the waiver is produced, then signed for one reason and one reason only.


Amazon Turning New Show Into Haunted House   
Author FrightTour Sunday 17 September 2017 - 22:18:02      

Major movie franchises like Hunger Games and Harry Potter have went from the big screen to an immersive reality. It was only a matter of time before movies and shows like Stephen King's "IT" and Walking Dead would receive the "screen to reality" treatment. Now, Amazon is cashing in on the haunted experience by transforming a new show called "Lore" into an immersive haunted experience! Lore: A Haunting Experience will run from October through November in Los Angeles, and will take groups of eight visitors on an hour-long journey inspired by tales of folklore and scenes from the series. Creating the immersive haunted house will be Just Fix It Productions, a company that’s been gaining attention in the Los Angeles immersive scene due to their combination of haunted house theatrics and immersive theater techniques. At the group’s annual Creep LA show — Lore will serve as this year’s installment — has found a unique middle ground between the relatively staid haunted house parks like Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, and the more extreme, visceral “haunts” that often don’t appeal to mainstream audiences. Lore: A Haunting Experience will run in Los Angeles from October 5th through November 12th.

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