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Welcome to FrightTour! FrightTour was created for those who are searching for the scariest haunted attractions during the Fall months. Based out of New Jersey, our Regional Database spans a swath of haunted land from the Virginia's to Maine! Containing over 220 different venues, we're sure you will find something to SCREAM for! Or if you're like us and want to travel a bit for that perfect scare, you can! Our haunt listings offer important information including directions, ticket prices and social profiles!

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Hundred Acres Manor: Searching For Those With Information   
Author FrightTour Wednesday 09 August 2017 - 01:47:56      

Our very own 2016 Frighty Award Winning Haunted House of the Year is searching for those with information regarding a recent robbery that took place at the South Park haunted attraction! Investigators have deemed the burglary as a group effort and management of the non-profit haunt have come forward asking for anyone with any kind of information that might help. Those involved removed about $10,000 worth of video equipment including the video surveillance equipment. At first Hundred Acres Management proposed a $5,000 reward to the person(s) with information leading to the arrest of those involved. Now HAM management has announced that if someone involved comes forward, no charges will be pressed while still honoring the cash reward.

NJ Man Proposes Inside Haunted House   
Author FrightTour Tuesday 08 November 2016 - 14:02:13      

Angelo Melchiorri who has been working at Haunted Scarehouse of Wharton, New Jersey usually scares patrons as they navigate through the haunted house, especially in the Murder-Go-Round room. However, on Thursday October 27, 2016 Melchiorri got down on one knee and made the proposal of a lifetime to his now fiancè Brittney Harris. Normally Angelo charges at guests as they enter the strobing room while the floor itself is moving. Both Harris and Melchiorri work at Haunted Scarehouse and have been together for the last five years. The menacing man in the Murder-Go-Round room didn't want to propose to his girlfriend in a typical fashion. Of course, Harris said yes and the two embraced each other celebrating their engagement while standing a midst the carnage. Melchiorri worked for Corner of Chaos of East Windsor prior to making the move to the Wharton haunted house. Click the photo above for the full image of his proposal.

Frighty Awards: Haunted Attraction of the Year (Overall)   
Author FrightTour Sunday 06 November 2016 - 00:04:48      

The time has come for us to announce our "Scariest Overall Haunted Attraction" from locations we visited during our 2016 FrightTour! This is one of the hardest things we have to do each season. In the end we must comb through the reviews, the notes and ratings we have made and rank each location. Sometimes the daunting task is rather easy and then there are some years we struggle to come into agreement regarding which location takes the cake as the top spot. This year was EXTREMELY difficult given numerous venues separated themselves from the rest of the pack. After a few hours of deliberation, both Joe and myself have come to an agreement and have listed our 2016 FrightTour locations from last to first. We would like to personally thank all of those we have met along the way this year, all the talented actors who scared us. We wish all eight haunted attractions who did not come out as "Scariest Overall Haunted Attraction" the best! Click below to find out who is our 2016 Scariest Haunted Attraction of the Year!


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